Nutri-Score - Results of an investigation

Concept description

- From France comes a relatively new system for the evaluation of food. Here, a point value is determined, the so-called Nutri-Score. This is assigned to a letter, from A-E, with A being the best score.

- The letters correspond to traffic light colors. However, there are intermediate values between green and yellow and yellow and red. The letters B and D correspond to these intermediate values.
- This rating system is said to be particularly well received by consumers. Some LM companies have also accepted it in the meantime and use it for labeling their products.
- The extent to which the ratings are valid for meals and dishes was investigated. Nutritional value calculations as well as the assessment results with GAS were used for comparison.
- The results of the multi-stage investigation show that the validity of Nutri-Score's ratings for meals and dishes is low. Some ratings are even paradoxical, and many are difficult to understand.

Analysis and evaluation

Peinelt: Nutri-Score - Investigation results and comparison with GAS
The validity of Nutri-Score is evaluated on the basis of nutritional value calculations and in comparison with GAS. Test objects are menus and dishes
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