Problems with Nutritional Value Calculation

NVC as the king's way?

The Nutritional Value Calculation (NVC) is described as the ideal way for the evaluation of meal plans and is usually required for the proof of a good offer.


However, there are many problems associated with this instrument, which are explained in detail in the adjacent texts. A major problem is that community gastronomy often uses so called high convenience products whose nutritional values are either not known or only very incompletely known. This makes NVC almost impossible, especially if more than the legally prescribed nutritional information is to be provided. And even this information cannot be used without further ado.

Where are the problems?

Peinelt: Problems of nutritional value calculation- Longversion
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The detailed study of NCAs has revealed further weaknesses, presented in a detailed article in the Handbook for community catering.

It is above all the high convenience products that cause the problems for a NVC because their ingredients are not known precisely enough.

For these products, only the ingredients and the NV data for 7 nutrients are available from the supplier - too little for a comprehensive NVC.